Strataglass™ Enclosures

EZ2CY and StrataglassStrataglass™ is an industry leader in producing a high quality clear polyvinyl marine enclosure that is used in the marine industry to provide nearly complete UV protection with a scratch resistant coating for easy care and maintenance. Strataglass™ is a flexible coated vinyl sheet that has been engineered to resist damage from environmental fall out, scratching, UV rays and from normal wear and tear. It is far superior to traditional vinyl enclosures, providing a near perfect visual clarity without all of the haziness seen in other products on the market.

The superior scratch resistant coating is what really makes the difference, providing unmatched resistance to fall out, run off and overspray. Other vinyl enclosures can become easily etched by the elements or require a lot of maintenance to keep them clear. The easy care and maintenance of the clear polyvinyl marine enclosure from Strataglass™ ensures longer lasting clarity and durability. The UV protection provides an added layer of protection for marine equipment from industrial fall out, UVA and UVB rays and other damaging conditions in the environment.

Seamless Marine is offering these top quality vinyl enclosures throughout the entire New England area. For specific product information on boats that we have outfitted, please contact us at