Powder Coating

At Seamless Marine, providing our customers with high quality service and products has always been our top priority. In support of our current operations, we have added state-of-the-art powder coating equipment which will give us even greater control over finish quality, flexibility and responsiveness to our customer’s needs.

With a 10’ X 10’ X 25’ Curing Oven, one of the largest ovens in the Southeastern Massachusetts area, Seamless Marine is now able to offer high quality powder coating finishes to even larger projects. Seamless Marine’s experienced team uses the same high quality Tiger Powder Coatings that have been on our products for years. Our 4-step process offers the highest quality finish and durability to withstand the harsh marine environment. Powder coated products are low maintenance, less likely to scratch or chip, less inclined to fade or wear and offer a long lasting finish to our customers.