EZ2CY® Enclosures

EZ2CY EnclosureThe 4U2SEA™ enclosure, from the inventor of EZ2CY® is constructed with the finest materials available today and creates a viable catalyst for the “next generation” clear acrylic enclosure! Choose between the clear2sea™, clear2seaUV™ or the latest cool2sea™ options for your 4U2SEA™ advanced marine enclosure.clear2sea™ – Transmitting 91% of light, this clear acrylic enclosure is more clear than glass and is made of a high quality modified acrylic material that is ten times more resistant to breakage than conventional acrylic. Fully scratch resistant, this product provides the traditional clear look with unmatched clarity and distortion free visibility.

  • clear2seaUV™ – Blocking 98% of UV light, this advanced marine enclosure is even clearer than glass. The UV protection acrylic material provides a top quality level of long-lasting protection, clarity and distortion free visibility.
  • cool2sea™ – The “next generation” of acrylic enclosures, this option offers a UV protection acrylic that blocks out 98% of UV light, including UVA and UVB. It also blocks out 23% of infra-red heat, which can reduce temperatures by nearly 10 degrees. Distortion free high quality modified acrylic with cleaner, smaller lines, longer lasting durability and a truly clean look without the typical rainbow effect, this advanced marine enclosure is soothing to the eyes, while enhancing vision, providing a more comfortable experience for captain, crew and guests alike.

These products combine a respect for tradition and an “out-of-the-box” innovative approach to acrylic enclosures. Countless hours have been spent researching and testing materials to qualify them for the harsh marine environment. This product creates the right combination of vinyl and EZ2CY® that will exceed your expectations, providing increased visibility and comfort. The enclosures offer an increased area of vision with smaller borders, provide a cleaner look and you will find that they are comparable in price to your traditional soft vinyl enclosure.

Seamless Marine is offering these enclosures throughout the entire New England area. For specific product information on boats that we have outfitted, please contact us at info@seamlessmarine.com.