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SEAmless MarineWhen it came time to decide what outriggers and rod holders to use on Ken Goldberg’s Fog Dog project, only one name came to mind: SEAmless Marine. Goldberg’s concept project, which included altering a classic, traditional iconic vessel – the Hinckley Talaria 40 – brought together some very interesting ideas and features to create a very successful finished product. Fog Dog was featured in the September 2013 issue of Power & Motoryacht Magazine, sharing with the world Goldberg’s realization of his personal dreams for creating a fully-customized, super-fast, pod propulsion, 40-foot sportfishing boat with all the bells and whistles.

A Powerful Partnership

Goldberg contacted Hank Hinckley when it came time to choose a vessel for his ultimate project. Originally, Goldberg considered having Hinckley build him a custom one-off 40-foot sportfisherman, but didn’t want to end up with a vessel that was too heavy, slow and expensive. He says he wasn’t “into” big engines, lots of fuel and a raised bridgedeck. Instead, he was attracted to the idea of modifying the Talaria 40 to create his dream boat.

The Hinckley family has a reputation for seafaring conservatism. However, Goldberg approached Hank Hinckley, the youngest son of Henry R. Hinckley, founder of The Hinckley Company, who had a penchant for “unusual” jobs, but was known to have a dependable, detail-oriented and diligent work ethic. After the family sold the business, he opened Hank Hinckley Boatbuilders, a small waterfront operation in Southwest Harbor. Hinckley says he only had one reservation about the project, which was all of the forward-facing props that would be hanging down under the hull without anything to protect them.

Despite the fact that the Talaria 40, like all of the other powerboats produced by The Hinckley Company, were designed for use with Hamilton waterjets as their propulsion system, Goldberg thought his plan would be workable. His goal was to create a very classic-looking, New England style vessel that could cruise between 33-35 knots, yet top out above 38-knots for extra speed, while providing all of the sportfishing features he desired, such as the SEAmless Marine outriggers and rod holders. Plus, it all had to be installed tastefully and unobtrusively.

Outriggers for Tournament Winning Yachts

SEAmless Marine has earned a spotless reputation in the yachting and sportfishing industries for creating high quality, truly innovative products designed to enhance any vessel. The team at SEAmless Marine has outfitted many tournament winning yachts over the years, providing them with extensive knowledge and experience in sizing and installing the best possible outriggers for each vessel type and situation. So whether you need a new set of outriggers or require repairs or annual tuning of your equipment, SEAmless Marine is more than qualified to meet all of your unique needs and expectations.

For more information on SEAmless Marine outriggers, rod holders and other specific products available through SEAmless Marine in New Bedford, Massachusetts, or to find out more about specific boats and projects that we have outfitted, please email us direct via info@seamlessmarine.com.

From Start to Finish

Goldberg and Hinckley began work on the Fog Dog project on September 21, 2011. Together, they brought together top naval architects, propulsion engineers and craftsmen to work with the top products and materials in the industry. After hours upon hours of work and clever innovation, which is outlined in detail in the Power & Motoryacht article, the project was officially completed on June 8, 2012.

The IPS600-powered fish-fighting Talaria 40 was officially renamed Fog Dog by Goldberg for a couple of practical and personal reasons. With a passion he shared with his wife for a particular California wine, coupled with the foggy Nantucket weather and his penchant for bringing along canine friends on his fishing trips, Fog Dog was born. In the end, Goldberg’s vision for the project was realized, resulting in a great-looking, smooth-running, super-fast fishing vessel that provides an ultimate driving experience.

Other Custom Products Available Through SEAmless Marine

In addition to providing the quality outriggers and rod holders for the successful Fog Dog project, SEAmless Marine has earned a reputation for providing customers with the custom materials and products that they desire. In addition to our well-known T-Tops, Hard Tops, Towers and Hard Dodgers, SEAmless Marine has also designed and fabricated a wide variety of custom products to be used by boat owners for very specific functions.

Due to our years of experience in developing and creating custom products, SEAmless Marine has been able to overcome many unique challenges and obstacles in order to meet the needs and expectations of our customers. Some of the custom products that we have created include gin poles, rails, masts and ladders, just to name a few.

If you would like more information on the custom projects and boats that SEAmless Marine has outfitted in the past, or would like to get a quote for a project that you are currently working on, contact us via the website Contact page. You can also reach us direct in New Bedford, Massachusetts by calling 508-644-2878.