Proper Care & Cleaning of clear2seauv™ and cool2sea™ Enclosures

Clear2SeaUVThe best way to help your brand new enclosure from SEAmless Marine in New Bedford, Massachusetts to look its best and perform as intended is to take good care of it before and after use. The clear2seauv™ and cool2sea™ enclosures are fabricated using the finest components, which include a Steadfast marine cover fabric and lifetime thread, which are designed to provide the user with many years of service. While only minimal care is required to properly maintain and use these advanced boat enclosures, which block 98 percent of UV rays, while providing clear visibility, care is still required.

Preparation for Initial Use

Before you use your new enclosure for the first time, it is important to clean it with the use of 4u2clean™ and 4u2polish™ cleaners to remove any static that might cause the enclosure to attract dust. This will help the enclosure to stay clean for a longer period of time, reducing the amount of time required to clean it in the future. These cleaning products also contain water-shedding and anti-fog properties.

The manufacturer recommends that you use Bounty® paper towels along with the 4u2clean™ and 4u2polish™ products, as they are softer, more absorbent and free of dust or debris than other brands. In fact, they were tested and approved for use on Steadfast border fabric and O’Sea™ clear products for use with combination style enclosures.

Cleaning After Cruising

For best results, rinse off the salt water from your enclosure using clean water. If a deeper cleaning is warranted or desired, use a basic boat soap and apply it with a lamb’s wool type of mop or mitt. Rinse away the boat soap with fresh water after cleaning. To aid in drying, you can also employ the use of a silicone blade squeegee on your new advanced boat enclosure.

It is also important to occasionally clean the zippers on the enclosure, taking care to unzip and clean using basic boat soap and water before rinsing with fresh water. A gentle fabric cleaner, such as Woolite® can also be used if the zipper tape itself is dirty. Again, wash and rinse it with fresh water. Make sure to dry your zippers carefully before zipping them back up when finished.

Scratch Removal Tips

If you find scratches on your new clear2seauv™ or cool2sea™ enclosure, you can remove them quite easily using a polishing compound. Finesse® has proven to be a good choice for scratch removal. Some scratches may require the use of an electric buffer, however it is important to only use light pressure and keep moving over the area to prevent unnecessary wear and tear.

Another great tip for better scratch removal and to protect your new enclosure is to use a spray bottle filled with clean water to keep the area that you are buffing moist. When you see that the scratch is finally removed, go ahead and rinse the area with fresh water and use 4u2polish to protect the area from future scratches.

Panel Care & Maintenance

It is important that you only open the panels on your new clear2seauv™ or cool2sea™ enclosure that are designed to be opened. It is usually easy to tell which panels can be safely opened because they have fasteners that are used to hold them in the open position. Opening panels that are not designed to be opened can cause damage to the enclosure.

Be very careful whenever you open or close a panel. Make sure that you do not bend the panel in any way or the acrylic material could break. Consider the wind whenever you decide to handle panels. If you are already under way, turn off your boat or reduce your speed to the point that you won’t risk bending or breaking the panels as you make adjustments.

To ensure that you don’t break the zippers, make sure to fully open all vertical zippers to the top of the track. Fully open and separate the zippers completely on sliding panels. The best way to unzip the panel is to hold the panel firm with one hand to give you better control, while you unzip with the other.

If the panel on your clear2seauv™ or cool2sea™ has hinges, make sure to pull the panel in-and-up and then fasten it down properly to ensure it doesn’t come loose. If you are opening a sliding panel, it is important to completely slide open the panel and make sure it is properly fastened down.

To prevent panels from rubbing against each other, insert a Bounty® paper towel, spacer or clear suction cup to prevent them from scratching. Leave your panels in place on your boat during winter storage to prevent damage. They are much more likely to become scratched or damaged when removing them for storage than if they remain in place.

Proper Care & Maintenance Starts on Day One

The best way to care for your clear2seauv™ or cool2sea™ enclosure is to start caring for and protecting it from the very first day. Building good cleaning and maintenance habits will go a long way toward helping your new enclosure to look good and function properly for many years.

If you have any questions about the products, cleaners, polishers or tips shared in this article, please feel free to contact SEAmless Marine in New Bedford, Massachusetts direct. Call 508-644-2878 or use our online form to submit your question or request for more information. We’re happy to help!